The company numenGo was founded in 2008 by Cédric ROMAN and Pr. Smail AIT-EL-HADJ joining their competences in design process and numerical engineering, in order to develop a new generation of thermal fluid modeling and simulation tools. Our vision is to capitalize our modeling know-how into generic re-usable libraries, and to create interfaces to use them within the most used scientific environments.


Cédric ROMAN

Cédric ROMAN has worked for 7 years at LMS Imagine, the company developping AMESim. He was responsible of aerospace and energy industries, and in charge of the development and maintenance of some of the products related to thermal fluids applications.

In 2008, he founded numenGo and since, he is heading the development of numenGo software products.

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Pr. Smaïl AIT-EL-HADJ has been associate professor in the field of innovation management in prestigious universities such Ecole Centrale de Lyon or IAE Lyon. He also has a long experience as a consultant for design and development process for many corportates, SME and technical centers.

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