Numengo|FFC - Fluid Flow Components

Numengo|FFC is a set of libraries which gathers state-of-the art object-oriented models for thermal fluids flow modeling and strongly integrated with Numengo|MPS:

  • mass  transfer models
    • flow equations : incompressible flow, compressible flow (perfect and real fluids)
    • flow resistance : many characterizations (Cq, K, Crane, Cv, Kv, 2-K, tables…)
    • friction factor models
    • advanced two-phase models : two-phase pressure drop correlations (homogeneous, separated-flow),  slip-ratios…
  • heat transfer models
    • forced and free convection, radiation, conduction, NTU
    • two-phase boiling and condensation models
  • flow component models (singular and regular pressure drops, pumps, turbines, ejectors, nozzles…)

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