numenGo|MPS - Media Property Server

Narrow with your current system simulation solution for thermofluids application ? Want to reduce the cost of your solution to deploy on a larger team ? Switch to numenGo|MPS !

numenGo has developed a powerful media property server for system simulation platforms:

  • CPU time optimized for system simulations requesting huge number of property evaluations
  • object-oriented : flexible and scalable
  • CAPE-OPEN architecture
  • real fluids, real mixtures and solids
  • intrinsic and state dependent properties
  • two-phase equilibrium and flash functions
  • extensive database (~100 2-phase media, >3000 simple medias)
  • many predefined descriptions : from simple description (ie perfect gas) to most accurate state of the art descriptions (ie fundamental helmoltz EOS, ECS, ….)

This property server has been developed in order to be cross-platform and can be implemented on request for any specific applicative solution.

It has been designed to be easily extended with user-defined descriptions.

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