Software development

Thanks to our software design process, our experts are able to quickly build for you the proper applicative solution on your system simulation platform (SimulationX®, LMS.Imagine.Lab AMESim®, Matlab/Simulink®…):

  • customization of numenGo|FL for your business application
  • on-demand component development
  • in-house code re-engineering
  • dedicated GUI for your business applications
  • integration of numenGo|MPS and numenGo|FFC in your existing solutions

Thanks to our automatic interface generation, your IP gets even more valuable as you can use it all along your calculation chain.

From the development of our commercial softwares, we have developped a huge experience with the following languages:

  • C/C++
  • Fortran
  • python
  • modelica
  • matlab/simulink